North Dakota State Railroad Museum

3102 37th St NW
Mandan, North Dakota 58554

 In 1974 a railroad committee was formed within the Morton County Historical Society. During 1986 the Railroad Museum Historical Society was established from the original committee.
 In 1985, Kenneth and Darlene Porsborg of Mandan, ND donated four acres of land for a museum in the NW part of Mandan. Also that year Burlington Northern, Inc. donated the yard office from Mandan and with the assistance from the Morton County Historical society the yard office was moved to it's current site.
 The North Dakota State Legislature in 1989 designated the museum in Mandan as the North Dakota State Railroad Museum.

Museum photos, click on a photo to enlarge

images/MVC-236F.JPG  images/DSC_3789.jpg
Main museum building which was donated by the Burlington Northern Railroad in 1984. This building was the BN yard office in Mandan.

This bridge was built by the National Guard as a training exercise, was actually on the south branch out of Mandan before being disassembled and moved to our location.

NP-power for passenger cars while at Mandan Depot.

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Soo Line speeder shacks from Bismarck, ND were donated by the Soo Line Railroad on July 7, 1989. One shack serviced the Bismarck to Wishek line, and the other was used for the Bismarck to Max line.

One of the several NP semaphores on the property.

Picnic shelter.

Interior of the main room inside the museum.

Waiting bench from the NP depot in Mandan and in the background is our HO scale layout.

Partial collection of books and magazines.

The desk and paper holder above are the original Soo roundhouse foreman's desk from Bismarck, ND. This desk was last used by the Section foreman.

Coaling bucket from Harvey, ND. Donated by the CP Railroad.

Mandan depot sign.

New museum building.

New utility building.

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Museum property.

images/Steam_Bldg.jpg   images/Steam_Covered_bldg.jpg
1" scale buildings for the Skyline Railway train.

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Steele depot.

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Replica NP bunkhouse.